About Fire Riders Sweden in English


Fireriders Sweden is an association for active, or retired, Swedish Fire Fighters. For membership, see KONTAKT. The norms and values that applies to the Swedish Rescue Service applies to Fireriders Sweden.
The Fireriders Sweden symbol is a Phoenix bird and the Fire Department's star. The eight point of the star stands for; Solidarity, Knowledge, Attention, Loyalty, Sense, Stamina, Skill and Bravery.
The colors for Fireriders Sweden is yellow on a black bottom.

Fireriders Sweden have no requirements on the brand of the bike you ride.
Riding with the Fireriders Sweden's insignia or badge you will drive safely and follow the traffic regulations and show respect.
Members of Fireriders Sweden may not combine clothes with Fireriders Sweden badges or insignia with badges or insignia for other organizations that do not share the same norms and values as Fireriders Sweden.

A new chapter of Fireriders Sweden can be formed by no less than 5 active, or retired, fire fighters. If you can't meet that requirement but in all other aspects share the norms and values of Fireriders Sweden a membership requires a unanimous decision by the board of the Stockholm chapter.

Individual active, or retired, fire fighters may join Fireriders Sweden. A membership application, and fee, is settled with the Stockholm Chapter, or another local chapter.

Chief Sweden

For information about the organization, and other questions please contact the Chief Sweden